Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sharing the happy news ... and a giveaway

1 Craig and I celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday

With everything that's going on at the moment both of us had forgotten about it!!!!! I remembered at 4.30pm the night before and luckily a friend could sit Cassia for a couple of hours and Maia was going to pre-school so we got to go out for breakfast on our own. Now it doesn't sound huge but it is such a lovely luxury to be together just the two of us - no-one else to look after, no refereering the 2 girls, no sticky little fingers over you and no requests for that lovely last bite!

2 Maia's 4th birthday

We have had a delightful day and will certainly post more about this because it has been great!

3 I received great news today

I had a biopsy taken 10 days ago for a suspected form of skin cancer - today I heard it wasn't - hurray!!!!!!!!! Although I know I need to be checked every 6 months and be viligant about my skin, at least I don't need another operation - and on my forehead to boot!

4 50 posts!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I can't believe I am now a blogger! I would like to thank everyone who has visited my site and for all the lovely comments that have been left. I haven't acutally told anyone I know that I have been doing this, because I didn't know what they would think of it and me! (Just like I wasn't sure what I thought of other people who blogged!!!!) However, I have really enjoyed doing this and have loved finding other people's blogs too - it's so strange how you seem to attract and to find such like-minded people. So as a thank you to you all I would love to have a GIVE-AWAY!!!! Any new comments to the blog within the next week will be put in a hat and one drawn at random (now isn't that something for this age of technology?!). What will it be? A child's beanie or a heart bag - you're choice! So leave your comments before the end of Tuesday 16 September - and be in to win :) !!!!

5 I have saved the most momentous news until last
Look at the picture and guess what we're doing?!


sweetp said...

Moving house?

Have really enjoyed your blog..look forward to reading your next 50 posts :)

(and I dont tell ppl I know IRL i blog either lol)

Heart Felt said...

Good news regarding the cancer, what a relief! Thank-you for your lovely blog, we look forward to many more posts. xx

nocton4 said...

oh Honey such a wonderful news post, am so pleased on all counts.
Don't forget we will be visiting LOL
big love and huge hug
Denise xx

Julie said...

Wow, I am really pleased to hear that you had good news from your biopsy. You must have been pretty worried.....

Congrats on your anniversary and a big happy birthday to Maia, looking forward to hearing all about her day.

How exciting... do those boxes mean you will be calling round for coffee soon?????????

Looking forward to the next 50 posts... Happy packing. X

Jem said...

Wow exciting and happy times ahead for the little grubs family. So pleased all was ok with your biopsy - what a weight off your mind x

Little Grubs said...

Yes Julie, sweetp and heart feltwe're going to be in your neck of the woods pretty soon!!!! x

Denise and Jem - there's always room for you. x

Little Miss Flossy said...

Back to NZ? That's so cool! Stay up north though, the weather is rubbish down here...

Amy said...

Great news on the Biopsy and the move. I hope you make it to New Zealand in time for the summer.