Wednesday, 24 September 2008

What mothers do ......

.... especially when it looks like nothing!

This is the title of a great book I borrowed from my LLL meeting library (click here to see book) and also what I've been upto the last few days! Since having two children I've found that sickness seems to linger - one gets it, the other gets, one gets a relapse etc, etc and we all go stir crazy!

So today, whilst it may have seemed to me like I was doing nothing, I was in fact:

  • making playdough flowers
  • making a hospital from playdough - and a boat to get the patients to the hospital!
  • doing jigsaws over and over again
  • making friends with a spider, who Cassia called Toad and despearately wanted on her hand - this actually took over half an hour!
  • reading, reading, reading lots of books to Cassia
  • drawing, gluing and sticking
  • making and eating food
amongst all the other day to day things us mothers do!

And we sold a car. It was due a service this morning and then we got the news that the repairs were going to be over a thousand pounds - ouch!!!!! So we sold it and got an OK price for it. Now all that's left to do is sell another one, rent out the house, sort, organise and pack and then get on that plane to NZ!

Oh we also found these:

Vintage Rupert the Bear snap cards - aren't they just awesome? And great to see a golliwog!


Jem said...

I remember thinking that my mum "did nothing" when i was younger. The shame of it x

Julie said...

Vintage Rupert the Bear, so very cool!!!!! Hope that your girls are feeling better, Talia was sick last week and Kalem has been sick for a few days now. You are right with more than one child sickness lingers for ages. X