Monday, 29 September 2008

A weekend of treasure hunting ...

This was the first weekend for a while that I have been actively seeking treasures! On Saturday morning there was a car boot, in the afternoon a jumble sale and on Sunday morning another car boot.

This item alone was worth the trip on Saturday:

I was loaned this book but the guy who helped us do the garden earlier this year - and it's great! I had just been thinking about it again on Friday night and thought I should look on ebay and amazon to see if I could get a copy and there it was on Saturday morning!!!! The lady was selling 3 books for a pound and so it cost the grand sum of 33p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only do I now have a copy but I got it at such a good price!

Nothing else to show at the moment because I left my bag at my mum's!

1 comment:

Becks said...

Oh brilliant find.
That book is still expensive even on Ebay!
Lucky you.