Saturday, 23 August 2008

They say things happen in 3s .......

well I hope they are right! We've had our fair share in this household recently and are feeling quite sorry for ourselves :(

Last week whilst at mum and dad's Cassia took a tumble down the stairs - a few bruises but otherwise OK, when I think what could have happened ........ Then yesterday morning was a comedy of errors.

We were in a cafe having some lunch, Craig's coffee was bought over, he went to pick up the milk jug to put some in his coffee, it was soooooo hot that his immediate reaction was to drop it so it didn't burn him, scalding milk all over the table and on Cassia's arm. It all happened so quickly you can't take it in. I got Cassia out of the way and stirpped of her cardi, she was howling, cold water all round and of course the magical mummy milk. She settled and was more interested in what was now on the table - her teacake and she was hungry!

However, on looking at her arm I could see it starting to blister so I went in search of lavender essential oil. I always have some at home but of course don't always carry it. If you get a burn it's awesome - after you have held it under cold running water for at least 10 minutes, or longer if there's still heat in it, you can put a few drops of neat lavender oil on it and it helps the burn and generally means there'll be no blistering or scarring. So I walked the length of the high street and went to two chemists and couldn't find any. Headed back to the cafe and everyone was walking so slowly that I decided to run - and did I pay for it? Don't know what happened, probably slippped of the kerb, but the next thing I knew I was falling head over heels onto the pavement! Now putting the pain aside can you imagine? A mid 30s taking a huge tumble in the middle of a busy high street on Friday lunchtime - I wished that pavement would eat me up! However, I was really hurt and couldn't get up for a little while. I landed really awkwardly on my left hand side and have grazed and bruised the whole side - owwwwww - and I cried too! So last night found me parked on the sofa, leg elevated with a pack of pea on it. Happy Bank Holiday weekend!


Jem said...

Oh no, poor you. Lets hope thats is your run of bad luck and you're all better soon xx

Becks said...

Oh you poor mama.
Hope three is the end of your bad luck. Explains the car boot absence then ;-)
Hope you all quickly recover.

sweetp said...

Oh no! Take care and hope everyone recovers quickly

nocton4 said...

oh no poor sweetheart, love and kisses all round.
how is everyone doing ?

Julie said...

Oh no! Sounds like you have had a run of bad luck... Hope that you are all feeling much better. X