Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The bean cutter

This is for you mama4!
I rabbited on in reply to your comment and realised it would be much easier to post a photo! This is the bean cutter from Lakeland - couldn't find it on their website but was in our local store. Unfortunately it falls down in a couple of respects - it's made from plastic and it's from Australia however, it makes the best beans out and as I'm now a converted veggie grower I thought I'd treat myself!


Jem said...

Now we need to see a demo of it in use LOL XX

Little Grubs said...

I did actually think after that I hadn't said how it works!!! There's a blade for topping the bean and then you push the bean through the hole - it's on a spring so a pretty wide bean will fit through. It slices and destrings in one fail swoop - or push!! x

nocton4 said...

Thanks so much for posting this, it looks fab ... sending Hubby on a hunt at our local Lakeland.
Perfect for our beans.