Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Whoops - didn't think it would happen that soon!

So the suitcase I bought yesterday at the car boot, which was to be used for dressing up items, has already been emptied and conscripted into its original job!

Myself and the girls are heading to their grandparents for a couple of days tomorrow and it was just perfect for all their things. Anyone know where I can get another for the dressing up clothes? We've been renovating our house since we bought it last September and have had it comfortable and habitable for the last few months but there's all those jobs that aren't essential to your comfort but really need to be finished. I thought if we headed off for a few days Craig can have a clear run of it and get lots of ticks on the list!


nocton4 said...

such a cute little suitcase.
we have a wicker picnic basket ( found at a carboot ) that we use for dress-up stuff

Becks said...

Oh, I wonder who will be hitting the (car boot) sales again. ;-)

Jem said...

Bon voyage! Have a great trip xx

Little Grubs said...

Oh Jem your comment made me smile! 'Bon Voyage' makes it sound like we were off on some adventure - reality? They live 20 minutes down the road :] x