Monday, 4 August 2008

The Village show

The day dawned sunny and bright….. or not! Ominous black clouds and heavy rain showers looked set to make the Village Show a wash out. We packed waterproofs, umbrellas, wellies (because as Maia said "Mummy, the grass is juicy!) and of course the obligatory sun hats just in case. Good job we did for the sun came out and we had glorious weather for the ubiquitous English summer village show!

Of course everyone says it’s not the winning that matters it’s the taking part but you all know that they covet the prizes and the trophies! Well we had a winner in our household. Maia entered 3 classes and won ‘The Vegetable Animal’ and received prize money to boot.

Having not entered anything in a competition since childhood I thought would this year. So the results:

2nd prize - a handmade crocheted item

This is a blanket I crocheted for Cassia and she used it all winter long

3rd prize - a homemade doorstop

3rd prize - a homemade toy

The knitted bracelet? Not a look in I'm afraid although first prize did go to a well deserved knitted scarecrow - oh how I wish I had that talent!

At one stage last week I wondered what on earth I was doing entering myself and the girls in so many classes but I am really glad I did. It made me do something I have not done before, knitting, and also made me try things that have been in my head for a long time. And the girls were very eager to show off their entries to the cuzzies and friends. It was great to watch all the children playing together and enjoying the weather and refreshment on offer! People I had been at school with were now there with their own children – and so the cycle continues.

Two very happy girls in the sun!


nocton4 said...

Well done all,love them all esp the veg animal and those ice creams ... yum

sweetp said...

Well done!! I love that snake, very cool!

Lucie said...

Do you have a pattern for the blanket? It's exactly what I've been looking for.

Little Grubs said...

Hi Lucie - don't know if this is how you reply to a question but here goes! I don't have a pattern for the blanket as such. It's made up of crocheted granny squares. It historically was a way to use up all the leftover wool and would be multicoloured and then edged in black. I hadn't seen one made specifically in certain colours so thought I'd try it. I bought 5 different toning coloured wools, and used 4 in random order for the squares and then edged them all in the darker colour and then this same colour was used for the border. Just found this and it looks just like the ones I made . Happy crocheting!

Jem said...

Wow, such great items! XX