Thursday, 28 August 2008

The F word ...

If I tell you that Cassia says “fee” instead of “tree” it doesn’t take too much to work out what she says when she sees a truck! Luckily she usually only sees them when we are in the confines of our car as she happily shouts “f*&%, f#$* mummy!”.

Along the same lines, she says “mucky” when she sees a monkey. So you can again imagine what came out of the little babe’s mouth when we went to a soft play area called Funky Monkeys!!!


nocton4 said...

yes my eldest use to suffer with the same problem .. LOL

The Broken Man said...

He he, we have a friend whose small child used to shout s*** on a regular basis. She couldn't work out where he had heard it, as she was very careful about her use of language with him.

She finally worked out that he was *trying* to say "See it"!

The Broken man