Sunday, 10 August 2008

Car Boot Virgin ....

We went to our first car boot today. I have always been keen on a bargain but have trawled charity shops and jumble sales from them. What an exciting place a car boot is!!!! I woke at 5.50am and neither of the girls had stirred so I thought I'd turn over and go back to sleep. 6.10am Maia comes in and I look out the window, see it isn't raining and decide the two of us will head off.

I hadn't expected it to be so big. Luckily when we arrvied there weren't that many people but by the time we left (a good 2 hours later after bargain hunting, bacon sarnies, decent coffee, a bounce on the castle and a lollipop) there were loads of people. I wouldn't fancy doing battle with them all when you've a littly with you so would definitely go early again. So what did we find?

Quite a little treasure trove for Maia and Cassia! I had been looking for a little suitcase to act as a dressing up box since seeing the idea in The Creative Family - 50p can't be bad! Now I have it at home it's actually I really nice little case and will probably end up as Maia's suitcase when we find something else for the dressing up things. Clothes for under 50p, toys the same - I was in heaven.

A real waterproof for Maia - thought about for this winter however, with the weather we're getting at the moment I think she'll be wearing it later on today. When I returned home my husband couldn't really understand what all the fuss was about - I showed him this and said that it was 50p and I think he's a convert too.

Three old Enid Blyton books, amongst a few others we found too! Now things for me:

I'm generally an all white kind of girl when it comes to everyday crockery but the pale blue plate was just too good to miss, a glass jug for milk (no more gravy jugs for us!) and a lovely egg cup (I don't know what this type of pottery is called but I have a bit and love it).

I bought this with the idea that it could be a storage container for some of the girls' toys but when I got home I realised I would like it. It'll be much prettier than some of the bags holding things in my sewing room so no doubt it'll soon be full of crafty bits and pieces.

And finally, a beautiful embroidered linen tablecloth ...... it's a square cloth with flower motifs on all 4 corners and flowers in a circle in the middle of it. It is lovely - the most expensive item I bought but well worth it I thought. I now just have to get over the fear of using it for the first time and not relegating it to the bottom drawer! Final verdict - we'll definitely begin going again and Maia also said that she'd like to come again too - so that makes it somewhat easier!


Becks said...

Wow, a treasure trove of goodies. You will be addicted all too soon.

Julie said...

Hmmm this makes me really want to come home!!!! I used to love getting up early on a Sunday morning and going to car boot sales with my mum. We would leave the kids with daddy and spend a good couple of hours bargain hunting. We would get home really excited about the days finds only to be greeted with bored looks from my dad and my hubby! Looks like you did really well, love the suitcase I too am always on the lookout for one for dressing up (also read the creative family)... Great collection of Enid Blyton books, I love her stories, my all time fav is the 'magic faraway tree'.

Oh yes and I have to say that I loved your choice of dancing music, 'son of a preacher man' is definitely one of my favs.... X

nocton4 said...

wow what a haul,first car boot sale ... and I bet not your last LOL
love & smiles

Jem said...

wow, fab bagains, love rain coat. def worth the early start!