Tuesday, 26 August 2008

On the mend

Thank you for all your kind thoughts - we are now all on the mend. In fact Cassia hasn't had any ill affects from her accidents and I'm now able to walk again albeit with a limp! Enforced inactivity really doesn't sit well with me and I've got incredibly bored. One thing I have been able to do is crochet. It seems to have become somewhat addictive at the moment - to the extent that when I was out with the girls last week and they were happily playing with other children I found myself thinking "I really should have bought my crochet with me and I could get some things finished!" I've a couple of swaps going with some ladies on the GP Forum so now I've nearly finished them. Also made a beanie for each of the girls:

Maia has made some invitations to her birthday party - she told me she was drawing lots of balloons - she's into this handmade malarkey young!

I just love the kind of drawing she's doing at the moment. As with all the development, I've been amazed at how it happens with very little input from us. One day she was just scribbling really and then all of a sudden she was drawing what were recognisable figures. The first time I had to ask Craig if he'd been drawing like that with her but he hadn't. Aren't they miraculous little creatures with all this innate knowledge and understanding? If I think to hard about it makes my head spin!

We went for lunch at my parents yesterday and my uncle was there. We have seen him quite regularly since we returned from NZ which is great as we hadn't seen much of him over recent years. He was asking us all about NZ and the geography of the land and I mentioned that Edmund Hillary had learnt to climb mountains on Mt Cook, in NZ South Island, before he went on to conquer Everest. Uncle Jim replied - "Mmm, I met him once" .......!!!! I was gobsmacked but apparently he was working at a hotel in Liverpool and met Edmund Hillary - I thought that was soooo cool.


Jem said...

Gorgeous hats! I'm thrilled to hear you're on the mend xx

Becks said...

So pleased you are are recovering and no lasting effects.
I love the hats, definitely need to learn to crochet.
The little hand drawn cards are lovely, amazing how LO's pick up skills so quickly.

nocton4 said...

great hats, great drawings

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.