Sunday, 17 August 2008

A day's work ....

How satisfying to actually finish a project, even more so when done in a day and not a week/month/year/or more* (* delete as appropriate)! Here's the crocheted heart embellished with a rose:

and the finished article:

I like it so much on the mantelpiece that I'm going to have to make another one for us! (Although Maia's shown a keen interest in it so it may well get wrapped up for her birthday!)
Further to the previous post today - yes we did go to a car boot sale this morning. Note the use of the word 'we'. In a fit of misguided wisdom I invited the whole family along. Why? a) it wasn't raining so thought we should all get some fresh air before the heavens opened again b) to introduce Craig to the delights of a car boot (that way he may show some understanding when I return from them laden down) c) Maia has been talking non-stop about the one last weekend so I knew that she would like it d) I thought Cassia would be OK and may even enjoy it. How wrong can a girl be? Cassia was grizzling the second we got out of the car, wanted to be held whilst there (and not by her Dad - only her mama would do), would not be placated by offers (bribes?) of food or even the failsafe offer of mummy milk, and in reality wasn't happy until we got back home. This is very unlike her but I had to go with it, so had a real quick whip round some of the stalls and got myself a few goodies which made the very short trip worthwhile!

The best find was The Golden Hands Toy Box on Soft Toys - have been looking for some toy patterns for a little while and this is packed full to the brim! My mum still has her Golden Hands from the 70s and I remember doing the child's activty at the time and never fail to get inspired when I look them now (last time I did this was this week when we stayed!). Another suitcase! And the Ikebana text cards - these are really interesting and I think I will post again on them - needless to say some little treasure from the 60s!
And finally for today, some beans! This was our second picking from our beans and they were delicious. When I sowed the seeds indoors in March I was thinking about the long hot days of summer, picking my beans and maybe sitting outside to eat them with a glass of chilled white wine. The reality was to run out in the rain to pick them. By the time we had picked them the rain had stopped so we decided to cut them up outside in the cold with our coats on! However, boiled for 15 minutes and served with a knob of butter, some garlic and lemon juice they were worth all the effort. I've said it before but what a great thing to be able to do - sow a seed, see it germinate, plant outside into the big bad world, watch and wait for it to grow and then finally be able to pick produce from it that you can then eat ..................... I know I'm not the first or last to do it but it certainly feels like that!

Unfortunately we had to resort to bought carrots because our current harvest wouldn't have really stretched to our family of four - although we did all have a nibble on this one!


Jem said...

Wow you did well to grab all those bargains in such a short space of time. I absolutely adore that bunting, its gorgeous. You're so talented x

Becks said...

I love the bunting. It looks lovely where it is. So clever of you.
Fantastic bargains too, you have the car boot bug.

serenitymeadow said...

I love pink and this did turn out really pretty but not quite as pretty as that little person tilting her head in the photo. Very cute little girl.

Little Grubs said...

Becks - Unfortunately the mantelpiece now looks very bare without it!! Maia's already commented on how empty the wall is!

serenitymeadow - hello! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I think Maia's going to become a regular fixture - because she was beside the first haul we got from the car boot she just had to be by this one too!

Julie said...

More great bargains..lucky you! The bunting looks really lovely, I want to make one too..X

nocton4 said...

I am so in love with your fab bunting.
Great bargains ... again.
Tell me how you get your beans so well cut ? am jealous as mine all seem to come out misshaped and chunky.

Little Grubs said...

The cutting of the beans is in the tools!!!! I have a memory of being with my nan and using a little implement to cut the beans - it was a little square plastic box with sharp blades in it that you pushed the bean through. I haven't seen anything like that for years but thought I would give Lakeland a try and they have something similar. It is NOT the one on their website under bean cutter - I saw that but it's 20 pounds which was excessive. It a little hand held thing - I'll post a photo for you. Well to cut a long story short I treated myself to it because now I know how easy it can be to grow beans I will be doing so every year - but I only like them whe they're cut really thin!!! What a long reply - let me get that photo posted! x